Rubber Cutter Machine

Belsa Rubber Cutting Machine

The Belsa Rubber Cutter Machine is used to cut large slabs of rubber into smaller sections for ease of processing. The manageable cut sections are ideal to throw on to a mill or into a mixer. The normal use of a belsa cutter is to cut the large slabs of raw material e.g. natural rubber and synthetic Rubber. The resulting smaller pieces are then mixed to make the compound needed for the processor’s fial product. It is ideal for production applications as well as high volume laboratory applications.

– A quick method of cutting large rubber slabs
– Ideal for small and large production requirements
– Signifiant time and safety advantages over manual methods of cutting
– High quality precision cutting

MRC Series

Features :

  • Simple operation and easy to maintain
  • Cuts slabs of rubber with a maximum width of 800mm and height of 600mm.
  • Cuts both natural as well as synthetic rubber
  • Includes many safety features
  • Equipped with hydraulic power pack and double acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Rollers to move the ensuring quick and seamless process
MRC Belsa

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