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Cylinder Belsa

As a Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturer, we offer tailored solutions for various applications. With a customer-centric approach, we provide customizable designs, sizes, and load capacities. Our commitment to quality and affordability is evident through stringent quality controls and competitive pricing.


Supported by advanced machinery and qualified workforce, our production process ensures consistency and efficiency. With expertise in customized solutions, a focus on customer satisfaction, and sophisticated production capabilities, our Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders are a reliable choice for diverse industrial applications.

Air Cylinder

LPC1 - Belsa
LPC1 series
MPC1 Belsa
MPC1 Series
NCR Series Belsa
NCR series
RC-RMC Belsa
RC/RMC series
SPC1 Belsa
SPC1 series
SPC2 Belsa
SPC2 series
XPC Series Belsa
XPC1 series

Hydraulic Cylinder

BCC140A Belsa
BCC140A Series
BCC140S Belsa
BCC140S Series
BRPC35R Belsa
BRPC35R Series
BTC70HP Belsa
BTC70HP Series
NHC140H Series
NH Series Belsa
NH Series
NHC210H Belsa
NHC210H Series
NMC210H Belsa
NMC210H Series
NMC70 Belsa
NMC70H NMC140H Series

Water Cylinder

WCL Series Belsa
WCL series
WCM Sereis Belsa
WCM Series

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Our Main Interests Are To Meet Our Customers’ Requirements. BELSA Continues To Manufacture High Quality Products And Prioritizes ‘Customer Satisfaction’

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